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About us


The purpose of our Association is to promote and improve the study and teaching of languages, including literatures and cultures, by providing its members with research-based educational and professional support; by encouraging and enhancing leadership roles; and by collaborating with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and professional organizations at area, state, regional, and national levels.


  • Advocacy​

 The Association seeks to…

  1. Collaborate with state and district LOTE leaders.

  2. Serve as a liaison and resource to public/private schools, district, regional, and state agencies as well as public and private post-secondary institutions.

  3. Advocate for equity and excellence in foreign language education.


  • Leadership

 The Association seeks to…


  1. Provide expertise to teachers and administrators and other professional staff in the implementation of Languages other than English (LOTE) programs.

  2. Disseminate to its members emergent research in educational trends and issues at state and national levels.

  3. Address critical issues that affect LOTE programs.

  4. Promote the importance of LOTE K-12 instructional alignment and interdisciplinary connections to teachers and administrators.


  • Professional Development

  The Association seeks to …


  1. Provide, through state wide presentations such as TECCL, innovative professional development to both educators and administrators for renewed instructional improvement focused on student achievement based on current research, trends, and issues in foreign language education.

  2. Promote successful implementation of state standards for ALL LOTE students.


  • Recognition

 The Association seeks to. . .


  1. Provide opportunities for recognizing excellence: in supervision leadership, in programs (both innovative and established), and in contributions to the field of foreign language education.

  2. Award scholarships to membership for professional development and leadership.


Constitution & Bylaws

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