Professional development and collaboration are crucial components of leadership in LOTE.  Our organization not only seeks to bring leaders together to share best strategies and new discoveries, we strive to learn from research-based educational and professional support.
TeCCL (Texas Conference on Coordinating Languages)

The Texas Conference on Coordinating Languages (TeCCL) is an annual invitational conference hosted by TALS each year on the Thursday before the annual Fall TFLA Conference.


The purpose of the TeCCL conference is to provide professional development in effective supervisory practices for the improvement of foreign language instruction.


Annual Business Meeting


The Association holds one business meeting a year.  The meeting is held in conjunction with the Texas Foreign Language Association (TFLA) Fall Conference and the Texas Conference on Coordinating Languages (TeCCL). 


The business meeting gives members a voice in the management of the organization.  Members vote on incoming executive board officers, financial decisions, proposals, changes to the constitution, and/or other miscellaneous recommendations.


Annual Spring Meeting


The Association sponsors and organizes a spring retreat/meeting each year.  The gathering is created by TALS for TALS giving us an opportunity to learn and collaborate with one another... producing helpful documents/projects/training to be shared by all members.


Biannual TALS Summer Leadership Academy

TALS organizes a summer leadership academy held every other summer.  It is a 3 day event that focuses on professionally developing as leaders in language supervision. 

Our upcoming Summer Academy will be during Summer 2021!  Mark your calendars and pack your bags!!